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By: Adrian Grimm

Software-Developer, -DevOp, -Architect, -Analyst, Scrum-Master and more.

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The cursor beats and running letters mark down the line in the for this powerd Blog.

In the first steps everything here will be about Apps/Tools, Software-Development, DevOps and some storys worth to be told around those topics.

I try to keep everything as short as possible, to be able to read everything quickly, not wasting time.

To be introduced: My name is Adrian Grimm I'm a german Software-Developer and currently the only one who pushes the cursor beating around here.

Blog Design and used technologys could change over time, but as for now this will work - hostet on Github-Pages deployed by Travis-CI - so this is atm the DevOps style to blog. If you want to take a look into the Code behind this - everything will be and stay opensource on Github.

It's done! : Blog is online :tada: - cursor beats - waiting for more key pressed - instructing to move on - leaving signs behind...

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